• Ted is a fabulous drum teacher. Thoughtful, encouraging, demanding but fair, he is everything one could hope for in an instructor.I am very pleased with my progress and highly recommend Ted to all prospective students, particularly those, like myself, who are picking up the drums later in life.-David Kolata/Executive Director of Citizens Utility Board
  • The studio is cool and Ted is cool and patient - never intimidating. Since my son started drumming at Ted Sirota's Drum Studio he's had 37% fewer cavities. -Tim Kazurinsky/Comedian, Writer, Former SNL star
  • My son has been a student of Ted's for more than 6 years! Over this time my son has grown as a drummer, as well as learned to appreciate a wide variety of music. Ted's many talents as a teacher include one of the most important - appealing to the ever evolving musical tastes of a child, and now teenager. Together they have explored rockl, reggae, funk, and jazz. Ted stresses the importance of basic skills and technique along with a background history and exposure to the best artists in the industry. While at Boocoo, he brought two phenomenal drumming talents in for drum clinics for his students, and others in the area to participate. One of the great things about having Ted as a teacher is that he is also a constant performer. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing your teacher's band (Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls) play at the Chicago Jazz Festival
    -Robin Rumsey / Evanston Public School Teacher
  • Our son and our family gain a great deal via drum lessons. Ted is a fine and noteworthy jazz drummer with many recordings to his credit and he brings all this to his lessons and his periodic recitals for students (I'd pay to attend... they are entertaining and warming). Most importantly our son's musicianship grew under Ted. He's a fine and reliable teacher.
    -Brian Palmer
  • I've been taking lessons with Ted for the past year and a half. I've been playing drums for 25 years, but had never taken any lessons. I wanted to learn to read music and be able to play jazz. Both were totally foreign to me at the time. Ted has been a great fit for me. He taught me to read music fairly quickly and we've been studying jazz technique and some Afro-Cuban rhythms. I feel confident about my abilities in both areas now thanks to Ted's instruction. What I love about my lessons is that I get a healthy dose of history with the technique. More of a why this is this way and how it developed over time. Not only am I getting an education in how to play drums, but I'm getting an education on the history of jazz at the same time. His approach is very supportive while challenging me every lesson. I always feel like the week's lesson is a little beyond me, but when I show up Ted is there to help me put it all together. Obviously, Ted is an all around drummer and not just jazz and his harping on my bad habits has made me a much better drummer. You can't go wrong working with Ted.
    -John Noyes / Mortgage Broker, Evanston resident
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