Q: What do I need to get started?

A: Not much! You do not need a drum set to start studying the drums. You will, however, need the following to get started with your lessons with Ted...

1) Drumsticks. I recommend Vic Firth 5A (wood or nylon tip), but any major brand will do.  5A is a good general size to start with until you figure out what works best for you.  Try to avoid "knock off" brands as they tend to be reject sticks from the major companies. Some brands to look for other than Vic Firth are: Regal Tip, Pro-Mark, Vater, and Zildjian.


2) Rubber drum pad.  Again, there are many different types of pads available.  I recommend Real Feel pads by EQ Percussion, but there are many great choices out there. I prefer a rubber pad because they are quieter than pads with a drum head on them.



3) Stand to mount your pad.  A snare stand is ideal, but you can get creative with this if money is an issue.  Try stacking a couple milk crates on top of each other, or setting the pad on a chair or stool. Basically anything that is stable and allows you to set the pad at the right height so you can practice in a proper position. Some pads are threaded on the bottom so you can use a cymbal stand if you have one. Avoid sitting on the floor, or your bed, and sitting cross legged while practicing.  This will lead to bad habits with your posture.



4) Metronome.  All musicians must have a metronome  Look for one that has an earphone jack so you can use it with headphones or plug it into your stereo system.  I recommend this one from Korg. If you have a smart phone, you can install a metronome app if you prefer, or if you practice near a computer there metronomes online.  I like


 5) Music stand.  Every musician should have a music stand in order to place their music in the proper position while practicing.  You don't need anything fancy - a foldable wire music stand will do.


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