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December 6, 2014

Ask yourself…

eric_garnerIf a gang of Black men jumped a police officer and strangled him to death for no apparent reason, you could be damned sure that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM would rot in prison for life or close to it. Not just the one who strangled the cop, but every single person that touched the cop, the person waiting in the car, the person that wandered on the scene and didn’t do anything to stop it. Not only that, you could be damned sure that the families of the Black men would all be continually hounded and harassed for years. They would be pulled over, evicted from housing, arrested for this and that. Yet all of these cops that took part in this murder got off scot-free, not just Pantaleo, and that’s not even addressing the EMT’s who didn’t do their jobs. A miscarriage of justice is a vast understatement in the case of ‪#‎EricGarner‬.‪#‎ChokeTheSystem‬.

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