Debut Release from Ted Sirotas Heavyweight Dub

January 16, 2015

HEAVYWEIGHTDUB! To Make Wild Hare Debut 1/27/15

wild_hare_1_27_15I’m finding that many people didn’t realize that The Wild Hare is open AND has live music once again. For those unaware, the venue has moved from it’s longstanding location in Wrigleyville to it’s new location at 2610 N. Halsted. The club was in a battle for it’s entertainment license for a long time but music resumed a few months ago. For anyone involved in the Chicago Reggae scene these past 30 years, the Wild Hare has been an indispensable venue. I played my first Reggae shows in Chicago there back in the early/mid 90’s, but saw many more shows there when I was a teenager in the 80’s. The Wild Hare has an important role in bringing Reggae fans and musicians of all persuasions together in this city and is an important venue for all Reggae touring acts. I’ve been in a number of times since they re-opened and the food is outstanding. The room is great – although smaller than the previous venue I prefer the atmosphere of the new location. HEAVYWEIGHTDUB! will be making it’s Wild Hare debut on Tues, Jan 27 with special guest DJ Shottas. We hope that you will come hear us. If you can’t make it that night, please stop in the club soon and support the music and the venue. Chicago without the Wild Hare would be like Chicago without Joe & Wayne Segal’s Jazz Showcase. These are institutions that we would miss dearly if they were to disappear tomorrow. Take advantage of their existence and help them continue to keep the doors open!

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